We set and enforce these rules for the well-being and protection of our members and staff!
This list does not constitute the full set of rules, and our Moderators may take action on misbehavior and violations that are not explicitly listed below. At all times, use common sense and good judgment for anything you do in the server.
Updated: October 3, 2022

Minecraft Rules

+ Do not use hack clients, exploit glitches, duplicate items, use X-ray or any other 3rd party software that purpose is to have a competitive advantage against others.

+ You can use auto clickers, P
VP clients and resource packs like full bright or performance texture packs.

+ Do not spawn kill, trap kill, create lag machines. Although world eaters are allowed.

+ Follow Minecraft's EULA (

Discord Rules

+ Do not send any malicious content like viruses, zip file bomb or other media type

+ Make sure you're responding in the correct channel. If there's a channel that you feel is missing, then let us know.

+ Treat everyone with equal respect no matter who they are or what they do.

+ Advertising content and other servers through this server or direct messages are strictly prohibited.

+ Avoid the use of explicit language and maintain all conversation civil.

+ Do not pollute this server with drama and conflict from previous instances.

+ Use every channel for its direct and expected use.

+ Do not ping anyone without reason or mass ping.

+ Follow Discord's TOS (

+ For any questions or concerns open a ticket in the Discord server.